The nature of a person and design theory are influenced from elements such as wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. My sculptural experience has been predominately “earthy” as in sand, stone, and clay but when faced with decor and design choices I was drawn to deep wood tones and dark raw metal. This revelation inspired me to explore the creative process beyond the earth element.

From a source in Atlanta I found cut blocks of exotic woods from around the world to be used for sculptural bases. As I worked with these raw wood cuts I became fascinated with the depth of a wood grain and the visual interaction with other elements in my studio, metal parts, found rocks, or simply a marble. Once assembled, these potentially useful elements cease to serve any practical or intended function. Something to be manipulated became something to be looked at, breaking the boundaries of applied purpose to now applied art and expression.

I present here a series of work using the head and face as the subject.

Down Under
Kissing Maple